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About Us 2

Shocking Truth: ‘Limited Collections’ Aren’t That Limited at All


While researching these factories, I noticed that THOUSANDS of pairs of the most popular exclusive sneakers get left behind.

I did more research and, as it turned out, these factories (hired by big brands like Nike and Adidas) produce 2-5 times the amount of shoes they had been hired for in the first place.

The reason being is that they need these extra pairs ‘just in case’ – to replace the rejected pairs after they fail to pass quality inspection.

Well, guess what happens once enough pairs pass the control and the company reaches its quota?


Hundreds (if not thousands) of extra pairs get left behind.


Can you believe that?

As crazy as it might sound, big brands release very limited stocks into the market to create the scarcity and hype up prices, and order the rest to be "thrown away".


That’s when I came up with this idea…


Factories Don’t Know What to Do With All These Extra Sneakers. Do You?


So I tried getting in touch with multiple manufacturers and asked them to let me market the leftovers… And some have accepted.


Fast forward today, we collaborate hand-in-hand with the manufacturers that produce sneakers for all major brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Supreme etc. and sell exclusive models like Yeezy Boost Collection, Jordans, Off-Whites, Human Races etc. at more than reasonable prices.